Don’t Destroy the Brush: Life Perspective from a Vacuum Cleaner

After wrestling around with the vacuum cleaner for…well, TOO LONG, trying to reattach a random accessory that had fallen off, I resigned myself to the fact that the vacuum cleaner manufacturers hated me and wanted to make my life more complicated than necessary. Seriously, how difficult could it be to reattach a little vacuum brush?!?

Let me back up a few weeks and explain. We bought a new vacuum cleaner for our office that was beautifully equipped with every accessory a person could need: brushes, hose-extenders, fancy vacuum heads, etc. One of the first times I used it, I was interrupted and had hastily put it away. In doing so, I knocked off one of the attached accessories, and because I was in a hurry, I tossed it in the closet next to the vacuum and went on my merry way.

The next time I pulled out the vacuum, I spotted the little brush next to it. I studied the vacuum again, a little more closely this time, and still couldn’t find where the brush was supposed to go. Frustrated, I gave up, tossed the brush in the closet, and resumed vacuuming.

The little brush and I had a little game going at this point…each time I would spy it in the closet, I would glare at it and subconsciously curse it for complicating my life. I felt like a total blonde. This little brush was eating my lunch. Every time I opened the closet door, it just sat there on the shelf and mocked me. I felt like a super idiot for not being able to solve this seemingly simple issue.

Until now…I had had ENOUGH. I pulled the vacuum out of the closet, snatched the brush off the shelf and determined to figure out where it was supposed to fit. I knew the general area where I had initially seen it attached, but, honest-to-goodness, I could not find the secret anchor point! I tried to stick it on the arm where the cord wraps around…I tried the force it on the end of the hose-extender mounted on the side…I tried to balance it on top of the attachments on the front…I felt around for some sort of knob where I could mount this silly brush. It was starting to get the best of me!

After sighing with exasperation, I sunk to the floor to contemplate how I was going to destroy the brush and pretend it never existed.

…then I saw it!

Right beneath the hose and just above the wrapped cord on the back of the vacuum was a small circular indentation. One that closely matched the end of the brush. It was like finding the missing puzzle piece!! I plugged the end of the brush into the hole and was delighted when it fit perfectly!

As I sat there gloating in my victory…a thought came to mind. It was all about looking at the issue from a different angle. I had been hacking at the problem from one angle and everything I tried was failing. The solution was not discovered until I gave up trying to force things to happen my way and approached the issue from another angle.

This is a great life lesson. Simply finding a new perspective will result in a completely different outcome. It reminds me of the wise reasoning of Louis L’amour, a writer of fictional western stories. When a cowboy was in trouble, he would always “sit and contemplate.” In the story, the cowboy may be in a seemingly impossible situation, but he always took a moment to “contemplate” the problem and look at it from different angles to find the best solution.

Next time you are in a predicament, don’t destroy the brush! Stop. Take a moment, open your mind and look at the problem from a different position. New discoveries can be made by simply changing your perspective.

Written by Brittany Carrington

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