Not All Cremations are Created Equal

Almost 87,000 people were cremated in the State of Texas in 2016 by only 155 crematories.*

Families have a false sense of security that their loved one is at their chosen funeral home – but this is an illusion.

Cremation mills are the norm in Texas.  They can be located hours away, cremate thousands of people for multiple funeral homes and cremation contractors, and return the remains via the United States Postal Service.

Putnam provides peace of mind by keeping your loved ones close.  Putnam owns the only crematory in the Highland Lakes area and the only non-cremation mill in the Texas Hill Country.

Putnam reserves the crematory for client families, thus minimizing the risk of compromised quality control and identification procedures.

Moreover, Putnam will personally deliver your loved ones cremated remains to you, unless requested otherwise or outside of a 150-mile radius.

Keep your loved ones close with Putnam.

*Texas Funeral Service Commission 2016 Annual Crematory Report